Customers of photostudio "Linda" (“FotoRobs” Ltd.) several years asked for quality illustrative photographs – nature, landscapes of Latvia, photographs of Riga, human and animal photographs, as well as objects and background images.

So far, we offered these photographs for foreign mikrostocks, but the idea of ​​our own Microstock vibrated in the air a long time. With our laboratory manager and operator Robert's care and perseverance we finally able to offer Latvian Microstock for you with a wide range of illustrative pictures, which will be updated every week.

Unlike similar projects, our Microstock is simple and easy to use, understandable to everyone. Within a few minutes you can acquire the necessary photos, choosing both the desired size and resolution, as well as you can order prints on souvenir or print it out and, of course, promptly make payment.

We are planning to offer our customers professional photographer’s works which differ in terms of plot and content.

Your collective of Microstock "FotoRobs" and photostudio "Linda".

Media Stock

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